Custom Home Design

Make your home about you. We understand you want a home that’s unique, fits your lifestyle perfectly, and is achievable within your budget.


Having a home designed specifically for you and your needs is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When we’re asked to design a special home from scratch, we understand you want a home that’s unique, fits your lifestyle perfectly, and is achievable within your budget.


Working with our talented, experienced design team is extremely easy, cost effective, and rewarding. My experience, skill and expertise is recognized by industry professionals everywhere.


Make the process of designing your unique custom home an easy one, and get in touch today!

Project Management

Owner Representation. Professional project management and/or owner representation. From site preparation to building completion, Ryan Levis Architect will oversee elements of the design and construction processes.


Part of this preparation includes developing, organizing and reviewing building plans, as well as preparing construction contracts for general contractors.


Architectural projects are different from other business projects. Architectural projects are design-based and need creative solutions that are unique to each project.

Building remodel

Residential, Commercial or Industrial. Architectural remodeling design for residential and commercial building types. Inquire today about your project to learn more about the options which are available to you.


  • Residential building architecture remodel.
  • Commercial building architecture remodel.
  • Industrial building remodel.

Land Site Design

Architectural planning services. Proper site design involves knowing how to integrate the multiplicity of factors of codes, solar orientation, geography, geology, drainage, views and predominant weather and wind patterns.

Expert Witness

Construction Defect Litigation. RLA has extensive knowledge of all phases of design and construction for projects large or small and is available for construction litigation consulting or expert witnessing

Commercial Space Design

Restaurants, Hotels, Retail. We design buildings that meet your needs and vision by working in collaboration with you, real estate developers and construction project managers from the project’s inception to completion.