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Friendly Service. A Top Notch Architectural Team


"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." That's Ryan from Ryan Levis Architect Inc..  And if you're a little Type A like me, it's equally reassuring and horrifying to hear that from someone you don't know.  

The truth is, he really does handle every aspect of the job, and he does it well.  We started with a few small cosmetic projects around our new house, and as the work progressed, we found some HUGE fundamental issues that needed to be addressed.  Ryan rolled with the punches, and ended up sticking with us for over 6 months of work.  

We felt confident enough in his work to hire him for our "down the line" dream project, taking over an extra bedroom and making a huge master bathroom and dressing room.  That project went so well, we called him first when we had a major leak and needed a new balcony.

With every step, Ryan was attentive, responsive, flexible, and most importantly, accountable.  When someone tells me they'll "take care of it," I can bet on either hounding them to get it done, or pushing them to get it to my standards... this is one company I didn't have to babysit, and I'm beyond grateful for that. 

Basically, I'm impressed. We'll be keeping Ryan Levis as our architect for the long haul.


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